“I will be there forever.”

“our bond is forever”

“I love you till infinity”



These simple sentences sway us to our fantasy world. Well, who doesn’t want their loved ones to be with them or the thing which they adore the most to be with them permanently?.  These sentences above betoken the presence of any person, bond or maybe anything in our life to be forever. They talk about infinities. But, do infinities exist? Is anything concretely permanent in real? NO! it is light years away from reality. Nothing stays. Nothing in this world is permanent. Variance is what this universe swears by. The biggest irony is, if there is anything which is ceaseless, it is the CHANGE. Everything is meant to vanish one day or modulate. The sun, the moon, stars, the ground we are standing on, our surroundings, the beings, the animals, every single thing is going to be lost in the dust one day. If this is how the things work, then how do we expect any person, emotion, bond or any relationship to exist till infinity?. Infinities, forever, never-ending, countless, endless, eternity e.t.c are the words which are huge but are illusory. They swindle us to believe that forever exists. They give us false hopes to believe in the concept of permanence. In the end, we fall prey to this and suffer.  If we are aware of the temporal nature of this universe, then why do we expect any bond to be permanent?

Even an eon has a full stop to it.

It happens because we get muddled between our desires and reality. It is because we crave for infinities but it is not meant to be. Because of which we develop huge expectations and end up wounding ourselves. It is easy for us to promise someone to be with them forever, but does that actually happen? It is like butter to say but like a rock to fulfill. So, eventually, we hurt them by giving hopes and not keeping up to it. On the other hand,  we lament if don’t have that person forever but the reality is that we always knew that everything is ephemeral in this world. For ex: in a relationship, promises are made, vows are taken, but the hilarious thing is that these so-called ‘forever bonds” break in a month or maybe few more. The resultant is that the one or the other person involved ends up getting hurt for a lifetime. We take these heavy words like forever, casually and utter it without any actual weight to it. It is in vogue to say things like these every other moment without meaning it. We do it being oblivious to the serious repercussions of it. In the process, we hurt the other person by entrancing them with false hopes and also it stabs us too at some point. So, why do we fall in the trap and cling to these “permanent people”, “endless bonds” or “timeless relations”, when we know the truth? What should we do?

the sun rises,

 the sun sets,

the moon comes out,

it iterates.

It is the day,

then the night,

then the day again,

it is never the same.


the bonds form,

they break,

feelings change,

it is also never the same.


leave this rope,

it will lacerate you,

let it go away,

it was never meant to stay.

We should not fall for these words. We should live in reality than being in an illusion. These deceptive emotions and promises trick us to believe in their permanence. We should realize and should not stick to a particular person or thing because doing so is not healthy for anyone involved. We should learn to let go of things, people e.t.c because it is meant to change in one or other way. Even if a bond remains, it is not the same always. Be strong enough to set your emotions free. what is meant to go, shall go rather than being trapped in our minds forever. Realize the evanescence of this life, live it to the fullest by being in present and ditching these infinities. Now, pat yourself you are on the right path of letting go things.

photo credits: Aakarshit Pandey
poem: Abhya, that’s me❤️

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