I am not the colour of my skin, I am the shimmer of my soul. I am not the size of my body, I am the Magnanimity of my heart. I am not about the beauty of my face, I am about the charm I have within. I am not about the way I look, I am about the way I behave with others. Outer beauty, a perfect body, they all are temporary. What stays is you, your soul. one should not just be beautiful, they should be “Beyond Beautiful”. Beyond beautiful is the one who is beautiful from within. You will cease to look the way you are the other moment. Inner beauty is timeless.

-Beyond Beautiful

-Abhya Pandey

Hey Beautiful! or Hey Ugly!, how should I address you? I sound like I am crazy, right? why would you want yourself to be called ugly? Wouldn’t it shoot your ego? But I have a question, does it really matter? Does it really matter the way we look or if we fit in the societal standards of being called ” beautiful”? The answer is “No”. what defines us is our character, the way we think, the way we are towards other people. The thing that matters is the beauty of our soul, not the skin. The things we should be actually concerned about is our inner make-up. But I feel sad to say, we are least bothered about it.

Beautiful word itself is flawed or rather we have narrowed its context. Beauty is always associated with aesthetic beauty, excluding any qualitative values. Each one of us have plethora of reasons to be called beautiful apart from our aesthetics, it might be due to our psyche, our overall persona, our qualities, skills, humility e.t.c. So, why restrict the beauty of this word, beautiful to just our looks?. On the other hand, we should not feel dejected if someone says you ugly because the way beautiful has a great depth to it, ugly too has a greater context. What would you prefer, an ugly soul with beautiful body? or an ugly(or rather unique) body with a beautiful soul?. For me the later one, wins. Also, beauty is subjective, what looks good to you might not be charming to others. So, why not stop thinking about superficial beauty? Inner charm is what makes you.Just think!

Nothing in this world is perfect or flawless. Every single being has some or the other flaws in them. Flaws make each one of us unique. It makes us stand apart from a chunk of people. Instead of lamenting about our shortcomings. We should cherish it. We should cherish each and every inch of our skin and even the smallest quality we have. We should love the way we are and should never feel low about ourselves. The biggest boon that we have is ourselves. So, love yourself, love your body, love your skin, love everything about you. Just be flawlessly flawed. Flaws are beautiful. They are you.

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