Selfless love,

What is it?, I wondered.

I searched for it at hopeless places.

Looked for it everywhere,

So that at least I could feel a pinch of it.


I put my head in her laps.

She combed her hand through my hairs.

It felt like,

Someone Brandished a magic wand.

I got what I wanted since so long.


Rather I realised the biggest truth of my life.

I always had it in me, what I was craving for since so long.

As I am a part of her, a little piece of her.


Nine months,

She nurtured me in her belly,

Bearing all the pain gaily.

She loved me even before my existence,

Even before I was capable of reciprocating for her persistence.

She cared for me persistently even before I breathed my first,

She adored me even at her worst.

When everyone turned their back,

She became my back.

I gave up on everyone,

But she never gave up on her little one.

I loathed love,

But she made me love this love again.

She faught for me from the entire world,

She is my whole world.

I found my every answer in her,

I am a part of her.

Ceaseless love,

Infinite sacrifices,

Limitless care,

This is what she always pours on me.

She fills all my voids.

What can I ask for more, when I have her.

The one who is above all.

My mom.

– Part of her

Happy mothers day!

For most of our lives we search for selfless love almost everywhere, mostly at places where we were never ever supposed to find it. On not getting it, we crib. We feel like our life has turned out to be futile. But wait! why do we search for it? why do we look for love outside when we already have the most pious form of love with us? We are those forgetful dolts, who become oblivious to the love of that soul due to which we breathed in this world. The love of that being who went through immense agony just to birth us. The one who never asked for anything in return of her ceaseless love. The who lost herself to build us.

The little favour that we can do this epitome of love, is revert back all the love she deserves. We often end up disseminating all our love to all the people who really don’t deserve. They are just a phase of our life. Instead pour all your love on her, who truly deserves it. The one who is not a phase of your life, the one because of whom you know what life is. The one who will stay unlike every other person who just betray. Do her another favour favour, be happy. Yes! you heard it right. Forget about everything and smile because this is all she wants.

She can do it all.

she is your mother .

she is your bolster.

she is your best friend.

she is the lover.

she is the giver.

she will be there when you cry, laugh or even when you lose yourself.

she will be there even at your worst.

she is the one in whom you can feel the essence of every relation.

she knows it all.

With a single glance at you,

she will know you are sad.

she will know what you want.

she will know when you are happy.

She is everything you can ask for, she is all you need.

-All in one

It is not about mothers day, it is about everyday. Just celebrate her presence every moment. Celebrate her beauty, her infinite care, her never ending love. Because little things make it big. She will never ask for it, but you have to do it because she lives for you. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! to every beautiful mothers out there, you are special.

Poem: Abhya, that’s me❤️

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