Hey gleamikinsđź’«,                                                                                                                                   Often in our lives, We have situations where we need someone to speak to and help us. Even their presence is sufficient at times.  But, there are conditions, when we have no one around to provide us with that strength. However, everyone has their own style of dealing with such issues and tackle these times of solitude. For me personally, reading is a medicine. Whenever I have a certain problem with which I have to deal all by myself, I tend to read articles, blogs, where experiences of other people are shared. Trust me, it helps me to a great extent in taking a decision or forming an opinion in such situations of crisis.

I believe that life is a beautiful amalgamation of both bright days and dark nights. Each one of them adds to the thrills of our lives. So, instead of lamenting the darkness of nights, one should savour it and look at the charm of the enticing moon, which himself glows and becomes the guiding light for others in the darkness. So, BE A MOON, GLOW AND SPRINKLE YOUR LIGHT ON OTHERS.

So, this section of my blog, “3 THINGS TO DO”, is made to be the moon for the ones who are lost. I hope that I could be of some help to the ones who are in need in some way through this.

Remember you are not alone.

Thank you!

Abhya Pandey

3 things to do, “When you feel nothing is left in your life”

 1)Don’t Overthink.

Overthinking kills! It is toxic. There are times when we exacerbate a particular situation by thinking too much. And it won’t be a surprise if we have landed in that particular situation due to over stressing ourselves by thinking too much, in the first place. Often in our solitude we tend to think about our lives and in that process we end up trespassing the thin line between normal musing and overthinking. Mostly, whenever our life is not going the way we have desired, we get that feeling of void in our life. But we often forget about the things that we once desired for and now we possess it. We forget that there is a long way to go and we still have time to get what we desire. So, instead of overthinking, we must act and have faith.

2)look at the brighter side of your life.               

We have this common tendency of looking down instead of looking up. We have this tendency of cribbing by looking at the things which are absent on our life, instead of being happy for the blessings that we already have. So, to deal with emptiness of life, we should start thinking about the beautiful things we already have and others don’t. Thinking positive can make your life ecstatic.                    

3)Indulge in some activity which adds some value.

You know what, often when we complain about some kind of void in life, it is usually because we have made our lives boring. Our lives turn out to be dull when we are doing stuffs which are futile or things which doesn’t interest us. So, to add some life to our lives, we should start doing things, it might include any hobby like: singing e.t.c., which are interesting or add some value to our lives. Do Things which make our life worthy of being called a life.

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2 Comments on “3 things to do, “When you feel nothing is left in your life”

  1. An interesting and/or purposeful activity is a big refresher and that is usually what it takes for me to stop overthinking which is a big issue.

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