Hey gleamikins💫,                                                                                                                                   Often in our lives, We have situations where we need someone to speak to and help us. Even their presence is sufficient at times.  But, there are conditions, when we have no one around to provide us with that strength. However, everyone has their own style of dealing with such issues and tackle these times of solitude. For me personally, reading is a medicine. Whenever I have a certain problem with which I have to deal all by myself, I tend to read articles, blogs, where experiences of other people are shared. Trust me, it helps me to a great extent in taking a decision or forming an opinion in such situations of crisis.

I believe that life is a beautiful amalgamation of both bright days and dark nights. Each one of them adds to the thrills of our lives. So, instead of lamenting the darkness of nights, one should savour it and look at the charm of the enticing moon, which himself glows and becomes the guiding light for others in the darkness. So, BE A MOON, GLOW AND SPRINKLE YOUR LIGHT ON OTHERS.

So, this section of my blog, “3 THINGS TO DO”, is made to be the moon for the ones who are lost. I hope that I could be of some help to the ones who are in need in some way through this.

Remember you are not alone.

Thank you!

Abhya Pandey

3 things to do, “When you are being indecisive”

 1)Stop Seeking for advices

Whenever we are not able to land to a conclusion or fail to take a definite decision in any condition, we often run for advices to others. We tend to ask every other person to counsel us regarding that particular matter. But more the advices, more the things get muddled up. More we try to imbibe words of other beings, more we tangle up the situation. So, in the situation of such sort, instead of listening to others, look inside yourself. You, yourself is capable of doing anything.

2)Don’t Panic             

 Panicking make things worse. This is something we must avoid at any cost because it takes our power of thinking sanely. In any disputable situation, we should keep calm. Otherwise, we will end up going berserk. To be true, we might end up taking wrong decision. So, shed off that extra tension, focus and keep calm.


Be patient and try to interpret the situation properly on your own. Try to scrutinise every possible option, minutely. A proper analysis of the situation from tip to toe can help you land to a correct decision without much pain. So, always analyse any situation properly before jumping to any decision.

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