With the tears of grief in their eyes,

they say,

What a beauty she was,

with a heart of gold.

Looking at her inanimate pale corpse,

they shower the blooms of applauds on her.

Were they actually praising her?


her absence?

Isn’t it mind meddling that

she wasn’t praised for the breathing living being she was, but

for the cadaverous body she is now?

I wish they lauded her when the time was not frozen for her.

I wish they showered love on her, when she was moving.

I wish they empathised with her when she needed it the most.

What stopped them?

Is it their



false attitude

or selfishness?

Love them before it is too late.

Love the beings with the beating hearts not their dead bodies.

praise them for their being before time runs out.

Show them that you care before it is too late.

Don’t praise the dead, applaud the living being.

-Praising the dead

-Abhya Pandey

Confused??????? I know you are. So, let me untangle the knots in your brain. What I want to say through the poem above is that we should never hesitate or stop ourselves from praising others when they deserve or cheering them when they need it, spreading a pinch of love is innocuous. No need to hesitate in holding someones hand when they need it, nothing matters when the time is too late. We have often seen people glorifying dead people on their funeral apart from lamenting about the loss. Isn’t it hilarious? They are the same people who never even bothered to know about the well being of the person, when he was living. So, instead of showing love when someone is dead, give them the same love when they are alive. At least it will have some value. So, spread positivity in others life, even a pinch of love makes it big.

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One Comment on “Praising the dead

  1. Our lives are too short
    and death is eternal
    we can make heaven
    here on this earth
    or make it infernal
    let spread love today
    as you have said,
    love should be real,
    among the living
    should be fraternal.

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