Today, when I woke up in the morning, it felt different to me. I could feel the light peeping through the window blurring my eyes. Everything seemed nebulous. The light which should have brought a ray of hope in me, was blinding me. Moreover, I felt too numb to get up, start this new day afresh. It seemed that all the power, Vigour got expunged from my body. What went wrong? was there something wrong with the sun light? Was my body too feeble to even get up?NO! It was just about my mind.

The path of our life cannot just be a plain road, it comprises of both peaks and valleys. It is upto us how lambently we travel through both the situations. There is one cliche saying, ” every day is a new day”, but it’s cent percent true. Every other morning is a harbinger of new opportunities, it’s upto you to grab it in your fist. Just a little change in your perception, will work like an elixir. So, I will give you the answer to the mystery of what was so wrong about this morning. Well firstly, if i would have had a positive outlook, that gleam would have never been hurting me rather it would have been an epitome of new beginning. It would have been my guiding light. Moreover, no one is too feeble to get up again after any failure. We are made to survive this topsy turvy path of our life. Everyday is an opportunity to learn something. Today taught me few things which I would like to share:

1)Be positive! your mindset can create a huge difference.

2)You have to get up after you fall, it is never the end.

3)Leave the baggage of yesterday behind. Welcome the new morning with lots of energy.

4)You have it in you, you are strong to sail through the ebbs and flow of this wave.

All I would like to say is, stay positive. You are the strongest.

keep gleaming!

-The fearless (Abhya)

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