Really? Just a DAY! Why not the entire 365 days of a year in the name of celebrating womanhood? The one thing that pinches me the most is, why should we even need a separate day to honor women when every day can be a women’s day. It is all about the perspective. A single day celebration feels more like a pity acknowledgment that “women” also exist. Why should it be the case when we are an equally integral part of this amalgam, without us the men are like land without water. If men are the day then we are the night, if we are the day then men are the night. We are totally equal and equally essential.

It irks to see that there should be any need at first place to designate a day for women for so-called upliftment of them. In many parts of our society, being a woman is considered to be inferior. There are atrocities cast upon them by their male counterparts, their own family members I.e father, brother e.t.c, even the women of their family. It’s sad but true, even a woman doesn’t lag behind in demeaning the other woman. There is a lengthy list of deeds of barbarity against women like rape, dowry harassment, mental and physical harassment, molestation, female foeticide, just to name a few. These are the ones out of a plethora of crimes, which are considered as a crime. There is yet a myriad of them that are not even acknowledged as cruelty. But why is it happening? Is it only about the men of society? A big fat NO!!!!!! It’s not about anyone else. It’s about us, WOMEN. No, one has any right to belittle our presence or consider us inferior. But for that, we should cherish our being. We should understand that it is a matter of prestige to be born as a woman. We are our own buttress. If we don’t allow anyone to penetrate the walls of our strength then no one will. So, Instead of teaching anyone else to respect us, we should respect our own presence. Once you ace the art of loving yourself, every day will be like a festival to you.

Ideally, there should be a men’s day too if women’s day. As we both are two different sides of the same coin. It should not be about any of them rather, it should be about celebrating humanity. It should be a celebration of respecting every sort of breathing beings, a fiesta of love, care, helping and empathy. A festival of every virtue that makes us a “human being”.

So! Let’s make it a “human’sday” rather than “women’s day”.


Abhya Pandey

(Gleaming ink)

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