Hey gleamikins💫,                                                                                                                                    Often in our lives, We have situations where we need someone to speak to and help us. Even their presence is sufficient at times.  But, there are conditions, when we have no one around to provide us with that strength. However, everyone has their own style of dealing with such issues and tackle these times of solitude. For me personally, reading is a medicine. Whenever I have a certain problem with which I have to deal all by myself, I tend to read articles, blogs, where experiences of other people are shared. Trust me, it helps me to a great extent in taking a decision or forming an opinion in such situations of crisis.I believe that life is a beautiful amalgamation of both bright days and dark nights. Each one of them adds to the thrills of our lives. So, instead of lamenting the darkness of nights, one should savour it and look at the charm of the enticing moon, which himself glows and becomes the guiding light for others in the darkness. So, BE A MOON, GLOW AND SPRINKLE YOUR LIGHT ON OTHERS.So, this section of my blog, “3 THINGS TO DO”, is made to be the moon for the ones who are lost. I hope that I could be of some help to the ones who are in need in some way through this.

Things to do to make this quarantine better:

Life comprises of ebb and flow but it shall go on. Whenever there is a wave of darkness, we need to surf through it rather than letting it drown us. As we all are aware of this corona situation, it has taken a toll on everyone’s well being. We all are quarantined during these times to further prevent it from spreading. And it is on the verge to expunge all the sanity we have. So, to keep our sanity sound, there are few things that we can do to make this quarantine period better. They are:

1)Take care of your Mental Health:

Normally the most neglected part, but the most important one. The gravity of this situation has shook everyone mentally. To add to this, we all are sitting at home idly absorbing all the negativity. To avoid this all the negative dose firstly, you need to refrain from all the sources of negativity like: negative news(general knowledge about the situation is fine but focusing on every random news is detrimental to your peace, pessimistic people( if possible try ameliorating there state of mind). Stop overthinking, it will bring that thunderstorm of thoughts in your mind. Try to keep yourself busy and be productive, don’t just idly. Also, you can also try meditation it can prove to be an elixir in the situation of mental distress. In fact, in general you should include it in your normal schedule. It will definitely bring back that peace, help you get rid of all the negative thoughts and declutter your mind.

2) Keep yourself engaged:

As discussed above, the most affected thing during this period is our mental peace. Firstly, it is due to this debacle. Secondly, corroborating to this is our life being completely paused. We are sitting at home and embraced by total boredom. Passing seconds has become a task for us. One answer to this is keep your self busy with something or other. There are people who have their work from home schedule and students are busy with their online classes but most of the people are sitting at home idle. Also with the people in the former category it’s not the same as usual. So, to kill this boredom we can do productive things like pursuing our hobbies like: cooking, singing e.t.c. Learning never goes in vain, we have a plethora of online classes going on, we can learn a new skill.Doing this will not only make this quarantine period better but also add to your persona. It will help you utilise this time rather than killing it. Lastly, keeping yourself entertained by reading a good book and watching shows and movies is always an option.

3) Exercise:

It will not only keep you healthy physically but also mentally, which is very important during these times. Exercising releases happy hormones and it is the biggest stress buster. Exercising regularly is advised normally. Many people nowadays are aware and they do it on a regular basis. But, during this lockdown gyms are shut. But you shouldn’t leave exercising, you can always workout at home. Don’t leave it. You can also innovate fun ways of exercising at home.

4) Socialise(virtually) during social distancing:

Yes, socialise during social distancing. Due to our fast paced life, we ought to unknowingly leave behind our real relations. We might be just meeting once a week just for partying and not having that real talk. Most of us are separated from our close ones due to our work or studies. In my opinion it has become very shallow. So, make full use of this opportunity to socialise. Use this time to call, video call regularly your relatives, friends e.t.c. In this way you can make use of your time as well bolster your bond with closed ones. Talk to them and exchange positive thoughts.

5)Relax, have faith:

Most importantly, just relax. Don’t stress yourself. It will all be over soon. I am not asking you to stress yourself with all the productivity. It is a great time to just a take deep breathe and rest. It is a great time to take a break from your usual daily stress. Treat it as a time that you have got to relax. So, apart from being productive, you need to relax too. It’s a time that you can use to spend with yourself. Have faith, it will be over soon.

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