Yes! It’s real. Depression is real. Yes! It exists. We need to acknowledge it like any other illness. The difference is that it is about your mind. If not dealt with properly, it can kill you in all the possible ways. Not only it can be fatal at its extreme but also it can make your life’s path a tortuous one. It can hide your true self behind the dark layer. It can steal away all the brightness that resides in you and replace it with immense darkness. It can lead you to torment. It kills you a little more every day. It can muddle up your peace. It is something that worsens with every tick of the clock. You won’t realize when that one dark layer has multiplied into a plethora of them burying you even deeper into that darkness. Understand before it’s too late.

I am not saying this to scare you, just to make you aware of the gravity of this situation. Often we ignore our mental issues considering it to be a minor one or we are not aware about our condition ourselves. Moreover, we tend to hide it as we want to dodge the judgemental stares of our society. Depression is a mental illness just like any other disease such as cold. It is normal, there is nothing to be ashamed of. It can happen to anyone. You need to understand that, you are not alone in this. If a particular set of people has hurt you in anyway, some people genuinely care about you. Choose to listen to the ones who care, others don’t even deserve a thought.

“See the ones who care, unsee the ones who don’t”  

What needs to be done? If you are the ones suffering from depression, open up to your closed ones. If a person doesn’t understand you, try another. Someone will understand you. Don’t give up.As soon as you realise that you are suffering, seek professional help. There are counsellors and psychiatrist who can help you. You will be out of its clutches soon, if you try. Also, if not you, if anyone else is going through this mental illness. I implore you to help them. Talk to them, save them.

In our society, mental illness or depression is treated in two extreme ways either it is not acknowledged at all or it is treated as a taboo. I plead you to not ignore it saying 

  • You are just sad, you will be fine.
  • You are just too sensitive
  • Don’t be dramatic
  • Don’t be a cry baby, it is such a small thing

Instead, listen to them patiently without judging them. Be with them as their buttress. You can heal them just by hearing them out. If you don’t understand depression then the least you can do is to be kind. Your kindness can prevent them from being pushed into depression. Your words carry a lot of weight, think before you speak. Your actions can have a great impact on someone, please be kind in your deeds. Kindness is easy, try it.

“Be kind”

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