In our society mental health is still a taboo even after all the education we have. People fail to understand the significance of the word “illness” in “Mental illness”. It is an illness that is nothing to be ashamed of. It can happen to an eclectic range of people from the one earning in millions to a destitute, a family person to a loner, a teenager to an elderly-basically anyone. Mental illness is not someone’s choice, it can inflict someone due to any reason. Conversely, you can be instrumental in saving someone from the hands of mental illness just by being a bit more sensitive towards everyone. The thing which should be conversed about aloud is still talked about in whispers.

 Whenever we talk about any mental issue, the first suggestion we give to everyone is to ”SPEAK UP”. I am entirely supportive of this idea. In fact, I try to impart this idea of speaking up in others whenever I am discussing this issue. But the problem arises when people are too scared as they have a fear of being judged or not being heard. Are their fears true? Yes! They are cent percent true. The truth is when they speak up they are silenced by being judged or being mocked. They are made a topic of gossip to satiate your boredom. That adds up to their already traumatic condition. The thing is that when we wisely give them this suggestion to “SPEAK UP”, we miss out on giving a crucial suggestion to ourselves that is “TO LISTEN”.

 “When you ask them to speak up, learn to listen to them too”


I would like to throw some light on the traits of a good listener or the way we should treat someone who is suffering from mental issues:

  • Don’t judge them
  • Be sensitive
  • Pay heed to their words
  • Don’t take it lightly
  • Be patient
  • Don’t compare them with others
  • Don’t make it a topic of gossip
  • Try to help them

We need to expunge that fear of being judged in them by bringing a change in ourselves. Provide them that judgement free atmosphere and comfort to speak up. You can unshackle them from the clutches of their fear which is hindering them to speak up. This small change can have an enormous impact on our world. Just them speaking up is not sufficient, our society needs to change too. An amalgam of a non-judgmental attitude, sensitivity, and love can work as an elixir. We can make it a better place for them by being a good listener. I would like to aver that please ” SPEAK UP” and please “LISTEN”. Doing this can save you or someone’s life. Don’t be afraid of speaking up. Moreover, you can make someone’s life just by listening to them.

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