What according to you epitomizes a satisfying life? Having a fulfilling job, a loving partner, and great friends? Are you actually living your life or you are stuck in the tangles of the worldly things? I believe that most of the people are busy ticking off the things out of their society’s list- the list of the things the society expects them to do. I can witness that they are busy living other people’s dreams instead of sprinkling some life on their dreams. We tighten the noose on our dreams and our life to fit in the category of successful people created by people around us. By doing this, are you actually successful in living your life? I don’t think so. Your life is a success only if you follow your dreams rather than following the herd mentality. Though you are a free bird your life is as good as the one who is incarcerated. You have imprisoned yourself among the ceaseless expectations of your society. This is not living, this is not breathing.

“Don’t impress others, impress yourself”

– abhya pandey

Just once try to unshackle yourself. Just live like a bird. Fulfill what you expect from yourself. Wander if you want to, work if you love to. Chase your dreams rather than working for the sake of doing it. Do what you love to do. Some things to keep in mind:

  • Follow yourself rather than someone else
  • Take up a job only if you love it not because someone wants you to
  • Marry only if you love someone not because you have to
  • Dance, sing, travel, enjoy! because you deserve it
  • Give time to yourself before others
  • Chase happiness rather than numbers
  • If you are happy then only you can make others happy
  • It’s never too late to do anything, you can always restart
  • Cherish the little things
  • It’s okay to be not perfect, no one is

Life is when it is embellished with the moments that truly make you happy. So, follow your dreams, follow your heart. You can make your life beautiful by tailoring it according to your heart. You deserve to be happy.Happiness is following your heart. Before learning other things, learn to live your life. Doing this will lead you to bliss.

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3 Comments on “Imprisoned: Learn to live your life

  1. Exactly. Most of us living and making others happy. We should listen to us nt others. It’s a great post reminding the basis of living a happy life.

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