Are you someone who always craves for a company? Do you constantly feel the need to have some other person around to make you happy? A close kinship with someone is a must for you? You are someone who feels lonely in your company. Do you? Does your merriment depend on someone else? Do you always feel lonely? Is there a void in you? If yes, then you are headed in the wrong direction. The bad news is that you are entirely dependent on someone else but the good news is it’s never too late. Just learn to be “emotionally independent”. Let’s talk about emotional independence.

What is emotional independence? It is feeling whole in yourself. When your joy, sorrow, anger, and any other emotion for that matter depends only on you. I know my words have baffled you and you must be intrigued that how is this possible. I am not talking about the “additional” happiness that you derive from your friends, family, or socializing. When you completely surrender every emotion of yours to the second person, that is where your fault lies. A void has made an abode in you. It needs to be understood that your happiness should be yours, it shouldn’t change because of someone. Only you are a constant in your life, rest everyone and everything is ephemeral. No doubt family and companions help, but you shouldn’t mold your emotions according to them. You should be your priority.

“Tame yourself to be merry with yourself, rest everything will fall lambently in place.”

-Abhya pandey


I have always been a home person, the one who is an introvert.I always used to feel lonely and was emotional. Slightest of their actions that were unpleasant or might be pleasant to me of the other person whether it be my family or pals used to rush my pulse. I would would go maudlin, be overwhelmed, extremely irked, or furious within the fraction of seconds because of them. I was in constant need to talk to someone. If I reminisce of that time, I could go to any lengths even if it was wrong just to make that person stay even if that person acted as venom to me.

Why was I like that? The simple answer is I never gave priority to myself. It was because my happiness relied on someone else. I used to laud my close ones for their achievements but failed to pat my back when needed. Learn to clap for yourself, you are sufficient. I learned to not make anyone else my priority. My experiences taught me to detach the dependence of my emotions from someone else.

“No one should have the power to be a compass to your emotions”

-abhya pandey

Emotional independence is a strength that will prevent you from breaking into shards. Few things to etch in your mind:

  • You complete yourself, no one else is needed
  • Saviour! that you can be for yourself
  • First, learn to applaud yourself, every other admiration is secondary
  • Your hands are enough to catch you from tumbling
  • That smile should come from within not because of someone else. It is a bonus if someone else does that for you
  • You are never alone, you have you

So, be emotionally independent, stop depending on someone else. It won’t do you any good. That happiness which is derived from others is fleeting. Permanent is the one that you experience due to yourself.

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Emotional Independence: You complete yourself
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Emotional Independence: You complete yourself
What is emotional independence? It is feeling whole in yourself. When your joy, sorrow, anger, and any other emotion for that matter depends only on you.
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Gleaming Ink
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