Kindness: A little act of kindness has a lot of weight

Be Kind

These are merely two words but the weight that they carry is astronomical. They have enormous power to turn around someone’s life and make this world a better place to breathe in. By being kind you are not being good to your milieu but also yourself. It is that path that comes with a guarantee of no regrets. If we all show a little kindness towards each other, we can bring some real change around.

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So, what is kindness? some big-time heroic superhero act? Doing tons of charity? Donating a huge sum of money? This is partially true because kindness is not only about doing something big for someone, though it is good if you can afford to do it. But you need not be wealthy or a celebrity or someone influential to be kind or bring some change. Guess what! we all can be kind with our gestures. Kindness is about how you are with everyone around you, your tiny gesture of humanity is what matters the most. You need not jump buildings to be a hero, you are already a superhero if you are kindSo, in short, kindness is any gesture that has the potential to bring even a little change in someone’s life or is done with an intention of goodwill, whether your words of care or your help to someone to finish some task or just standing with someone while they need someone’s presence in their life.

Who deserves kindness? Everyone, yes, it is that simple.

Be kind to:

the kind

the lonely

the sad one

the happy one

the unkind

the angry one

the one you think is least deserving of it

– abhya

Your actions can make or break someone’s day. Your humble words and deeds can brighten someone’s day. If someone is mean or unkind it means they are suffering too, they are in dearth of love and care in their life and they need your kindness the most. Your kindness towards such people can change their perspective towards others and it might inspire them to be kind. It can happen because if you are good to them you are filling a void in their life. We cannot guarantee anything, but we can always try to alter someone’s condition for good.

“Be kind to the unkind too, they are in dire need of it”


What small changes you can bring:

  • Don’t yell out of rage, try to understand the problem
  • Try to be humble with your words as much as possible
  • Don’t be unnecessarily mean to someone because you are having a bad day. Avoid being mean at all
  • Instead of judging and jumping to any conclusion, be more understanding
  • Don’t indulge in toxic gossips, it is someone’s life you are talking about
  • Help as much you can
  • Don’t indulge in any activity which can harm someone
  • Don’t mock someone’s condition, they are already suffering

These are just a few points, the list is limitless. 

While we look for answers everywhere to make things right but we fail to turn to simple solutions that already exist. “Be kind”, is a trite sentence but it is the answer to complex problems. If we are just a little less selfish and a little more kind, we are on the right track. I know, no one is perfect neither am I nor you are but your efforts to bring that positive change is worth it. So try to be a little more human by following the path of kindness!

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