Hurt: Don’t fall back to someone who has hurt you

Are you someone who bounces back with the cracks in your heart to the person who gave you those? Does all your anger thaw when you hear a single sweet word from a person who shattered your heart?… Read More

Mental Health: Listen to them, they need to be heard

In our society mental health is still a taboo even after all the education we have. People fail to understand the significance of the word “illness” in “Mental illness”. It is an illness that is nothing to be… Read More

Depression: It’s real, we need to acknowledge it

Yes! It’s real. Depression is real. Yes! It exists. We need to acknowledge it like any other illness. The difference is that it is about your mind. If not dealt with properly, it can kill you in all… Read More

BODY SHAMING: I have my own shape

I have my own shape , I have my own body, I am in love with my shape, I refuse to alter it in accordance to your vision, It is beautiful the way it is, I refuse to… Read More

Do you dress to impress?

Do you look for validation from others for every little thing in your life? Do you seek for compliments from others to believe in yourself? and let me guess! Do you dress to impress? Puzzled? It means that… Read More

All about corona (Covid-19)

what is novel corona virus? Coronaviruses(CoV) are a huge family of viruses comprising of numerous viruses, which are responsible for ailments that are mild like common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV)… Read More

Happy women’s day or Human’s day!

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! Really? Just a DAY! Why not the entire 365 days of a year in the name of celebrating womanhood? The one thing that pinches me the most is, why should we even need a separate… Read More

Stars for your soul. 27

Stars for your soul. 22

“Being in a relationship doesn’t mean to be tied to your partner every moment. It is meant for your happiness. It shouldn’t hamper your individual lives. If you start feeling suffocated in that bond, it is bound to… Read More

Stars for your soul.15

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