My new books: Da-Ight and The Fearless

Hello Gleamikins, I am happy to announce that my two poetry books are out on amazon worldwide. 1) Da-Ight (paperback) 2) The Fearless (E-book, paperback) You can get them through the link provided below. Please check it out… Read More

Happy women’s day or Human’s day!

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! Really? Just a DAY! Why not the entire 365 days of a year in the name of celebrating womanhood? The one thing that pinches me the most is, why should we even need a separate… Read More

Stars for your soul.12

“Unfurl your wings, they are not meant to he tied.” -Abhya Pandey

Stars for your soul .1

“Whatever you say or the way you act matters. You never know how immensely, even your little action can affect someone. So, think before speaking or doing anything” -Abhya Pandey To get your own WordPress website, click on… Read More

3 things to do, “ when you are being indecisive”

Hey gleamikins💫,                                                                         … Read More

Part of her

Selfless love, What is it?, I wondered. I searched for it at hopeless places. Looked for it everywhere, So that at least I could feel a pinch of it. Lamenting, I put my head in her laps. She… Read More


“I will be there forever.” “our bond is forever” “I love you till infinity” E.T.C…………..   These simple sentences sway us to our fantasy world. Well, who doesn’t want their loved ones to be with them or the thing… Read More

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