Happy women’s day or Human’s day!

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY! Really? Just a DAY! Why not the entire 365 days of a year in the name of celebrating womanhood? The one thing that pinches me the most is, why should we even need a separate… Read More

Stars for your soul. 22

“Being in a relationship doesn’t mean to be tied to your partner every moment. It is meant for your happiness. It shouldn’t hamper your individual lives. If you start feeling suffocated in that bond, it is bound to… Read More

Stars for your soul .21

“Learn to listen to the complains others have from you, patiently. You never know how deeply your little actions must have affected that person. Just keep yourself in their place then think.” -Abhya Pandey To get your own… Read More

Stars for your soul.20

“The moment you step out and cherish the sunshine, that moment itself marks the beginning of your new life. It is never too late” -Abhya Pandey To get your own WordPress website, click on the link below:

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